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For residential, commercial, and piano moving services, Fisher Transfer is your best choice. We service the entire state of Minnesota, especially the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. When scheduling your move, please call two weeks in advance.

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Fisher Transfer is licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. When you want quality moving services, choose our team.

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365 days of the year

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Moving Tips from Our Experts:



1. Please try to schedule your move two weeks in advance (we will, of course, do what we can

    to accommodate any time frame). Keep in mind the summer months are the busiest,

    especially in the beginning and end.



1. Employees cannot remove shoes while moving.

2. Sidewalks and driveways need to be cleared of ice and debris.

3. Fisher Transfer is NOT responsible for tire marks on driveway.

4. Fisher Transfer has runners for hardwood floors and carpets.



1. If you're packing your own items, DO NOT overload boxes. Please label what room they

    are going to.

2. Completely fill boxes with items or fill with paper to fill any openings.

3. Remove all jewelry, money, and breakables from dressers.

4. Fisher Transfer is NOT responsible for damage to items of “owner packed” boxes

    unless there is visible damage to the box.



1. All Electronics / Computers should be unhooked and put in boxes.

2. Televisions / Monitors do not need to be packed.

3. Fisher Transfer is NOT responsible for working conditions of electronics unless

    visual damage is evident.



1. Fisher Transfer can assemble and disassemble basic furniture.

2. Fisher Transfer is not responsible for pressed wood. We can move it with your approval.



1. Disconnect all appliances.

2. Refrigerators and freezers must be empty.



1. Small plants must be in boxes and labeled "plants."

2. Large plants can be moved, but Fisher Transfer is NOT responsible for damaged plants.

3. Propane tanks need to be removed from grills.

4. Exercise / Weight Machines need to be disassembled.

5. Fisher Transfer is NOT responsible to damaged lamps not packaged.

6. Fisher Transfer is NOT responsible to damaged pictures not packaged.



1. Gasoline, paint, oil, and chemicals do not go on the truck.

2. Yard tools can be packed in trashcans or wardrobe boxes.

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Licensed, bonded, insured